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Light by Wire

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Plug and Play The LyTec® Electroluminescence String (EL-Wire) is a flexible copper wire coated with a light emitting phosphorescent material and protected by a colored plastic cover. It's light shines even over the whole length and is visible from all sides on full 360-degree.
The EL-Wires - available in various colors and diameters - need a special AC-voltage that is generated by an inverter (transformer). There are various inverters for mobile battery usage or fixed indoor/outdoor installations.

To virtually any interior or exterior application
the neon glowing fiber creates a spectacular illumination effect! To make this technology easy available to creative people and professionals alike our stock permanently holds neon-wiresinverters and mounted sets for beginners!

Party's, Events, Kites, Automotive, Clothes,
Decoration, Advertising, Safety, Sports ...
feel free to contact us for your application!

Illumination Gallery
EL-Wire Color Outer Diameter
Mini red, yellow, lime (yellow-green), blue, aqua/turquoise Ø 1.4mm±10%
flexi red, pink, yellow, lime (yellow-green), blue, aqua, cool-white Ø 2.2mm±10%
robust red, orange, green, lime(yellow-green), blue, aqua, light-blue, blue-white Ø 3.0mm±10%
T-Type blue Ø 2,0mm + Tail
Battery Pack / Inverter Maximum EL-
Wire Length
Battery /
ELI-IMC300.3 - 0.5m-3.0 VDCCn
IM-3/IPS-F021m2 x AAA-Cn + Fl
IPS-F013m2 x AA-Cn + Fl
IPS-F058m9V-Block9 VDCCn + Fl
IF-155 - 15m-12 VDCCn + Fl
KD-3012 - 25m-12 VDCCn + Fl
LD-4040m-12 VDCCn + Fl
IDH-F10060m-12 VDCCn + Fl
Accessory Specification Unit
Shrinking Tube black, 3.2mmØ Meter
Shrinking Tube black, 4.8mmØ Meter
Twin Cable black, 2 x Ø 0.5mm Meter
Twin Cable black, 2 x Ø 0.14mm Meter
AC-Power-Supply 3-12VDC / 12 Watt
Universal, with 6 DC Connnectors
12V Car-Adapter with Fuse & 6 DC Connectors Piece
DC Connector DC-Input 1.3 x 3.4mm Ø Piece
Connector-Set for EL-Voltage, male + female Set

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